After more than one year of meetings between academics and animal advocates which was prompted, in part, by my call for an animal rights think tank at the Minding Animals seminar in London in 2008, this week sees the launch of the Institute for Animals and Social Justice at an inaugural ‘Animals and Public Policy’ seminar at the London School of Economics on 30 June.

The IASJ’s mission is to open the realm of social justice to animals and hence advance animal protection. Therefore, the IASJ’s core strategic aim is:

To embed animal protection as a core policy goal of the UK Government, international governments and intergovernmental organisations, utilising and developing applied research as a primary tool to achieve this.

The IASJ’s priority programmes will involve research and advocacy in three crucial areas:

  1. Animals’ legal/political status
  2. Institutional representation for animals
  3. Policy Strategies for Animal Protection

As one of the founding group, I look forward to establishing the IASJ to further the mission of advancing animal protection through policy research.



Institute for Animals and Social Justice from Kim Stallwood on Vimeo.

2 comments on “Institute for Animals and Social Justice

  • Dear Kim,
    I wondered if you would be interested in mentioning an animal rights book published called ‘Prime Witness’ which concerns the legal issue of ‘personhood’ being granted to great apes – but written as a crime thriller. All my books have an animal welfare theme – ‘Blood Wood’ about illegal logging, and ‘The Devil’s Dogs’, recently published, about dog fighting – all encased within a cime thriller setting in an attempt to open an alternative avenue of approach to those who might not consider such issues.
    You can see more about each book on, and I can send you a review copy of a title should you wish
    I am also a VP of the League Against Cruel Sports and a member of Assoc. of Lawyers for Animal Welfare.
    I hope you may be able to mention them on your website/blogs/tweets/library thing.
    Kind regards, Penny Morgan

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