What would you like to see included in a new Website on vegan living? This is a vegan Web site which is aimed as much for vegans as it is for non-vegans who want to know how to cook and care for vegans. Please email me, Kim Stallwood, with your thoughts, comments, recommendations and ideas at kim@kimstallwood.com.

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  • A site with a chat room (like ARZone) which acts as an online “vegan buddies” facility would be good. A place where new vegans can go to ask others about issues that arise for them as they explore the philosophy and lifestyle of veganism is always welcome.

    Arguable there are already places which act in this “vegan buddies” way – but a site that advertises itself in these terms would be handy. There is the issue of nation-specific products in this regard. IOWs, many people in, say, the USA may recommend vegan products that are not available elsewhere, so that may cause more problems than ease people’s transition to veganism. I’m keen on re-starting an online vegan buddies facility for Vegan Ireland – http://veganireland.org/

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