Henry Salt 1851-1939

The great Henry Salt explores in the essay, Restrictionists and Abolitionists, in the journal, Humanity, published by the Humanitarian League on November 4, 1900. He concludes,

For our own part, we have no quarrel with those who are abolitionist only, or with those who are restrictionist only; it is for each to do what he or she can. But we hope that members of the Humanitarian League will strive, wherever feasible, to adopt the fuller and wiser policy—that is, to be both restrictionists and abolitionists at once. Humanitarians have a hard fight before them against the power of cruelty and oppression, and they cannot afford to refrain from using their intellects as well as their hearts. Stupidity, in such a contest, will retard the noblest cause. And the recrimination that goes on between the advocates of greater and lesser measures strikes us, if we may say so, as just a little stupid.

One comment on “Henry Salt asks Restrictionists or Abolitionists?

  • I think it’s only fair to give credit where credit is due. The Salt site found this essay in the November 1987 edition of “The Animals’ Agenda” (p. 42) with an introduction from Charles R. Magel. It’s great to see this important essay highlighted once again.

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