The medium plate at the Vegetarisch Eethuis de Bron vegetarian restaurant in Brugge

Not having seen the film In Bruges I can’t possibly comment on it although everyone mentioned it when I said I was going to visit there. Which I did in early September although I’m only just now getting round to writing something about it. My two-week plus cold having significantly upset my work schedule.

Anyway, Bruges (or Brugge) is a lovely, picturesque town in Belgium. Online research reported there were several vegetarian restaurants. One was found. The Vegetarisch Eethuis de Bron. A pleasant lunch was had there although they don’t really understand vegan. To order, you pick a small, medium or large plate. The food is basically the same. It’s the size of the portions that’s different. I picked medium, which came with quiche notwithstanding saying vegan loudly and slowly as English people tend to speak when they’re abroad.

Taken from the obligatory but enjoyable canal boat tour.

Here’s a lovely shot of Brugge. It was taken from the obligatory but enjoyable canal boat cruise.

Also took the similarly obligatory but enjoyable tour of the sole remaining brewery in the town. It was quite fascinating to see how beer used to be made and how it is done today. Past brewing methods would have health and safety inspectors even more unpopular as the workers put themselves at considerable risk.

Visiting Bruges is highly recommended. Eating vegan there is ok. One dinner and one lunch was the felafel and humous Egyptian fare. This did included — and I wished I’d take a photograph of it but I was extremely hungry at the time — what it must have been the world’s largest felafel and humous pitta sandwich. It was the size of a dinner plate!