To say that it’s been a transformative week is to invite accusations of melodrama, which, of course, may be true. One’s melodrama is all in one’s mind. One person’s melodrama is someone else’s normal state of affairs. Anyway, for me, this is the week that I switched from years of PCs and Windows-based software to a… Read More

More sanctimonious and self-righteous justification for killing animals to eat them by Guardian food critic Jay Rayner. This time — and for the first time — he watches the animal he will later eat be killed. The animal in question is number 365, which happens to be the number of days in the year. This… Read More

UK Coalition Government Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, as reported in The Guardian on July 7. It’s perfectly possible to eat a bag of crisps, to eat a Mars bar, to drink a carbonated soft drink, but do it in moderation, understanding your overall diet and lifestyle. Then you can begin to take responsibility for it.”… Read More

Today’s news from The Guardian that Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury, blocks a decision to appoint a gay cleric, Dr Jeffrey John, the dean of St Albans, as bishop of Southwark demonstrates how a spiritual institution loses touch with the humanity it supposedly represents. Clearly, I don’t know the details of this incident and nor… Read More