Happy Cow is the go-to place to search and discover places for vegetarian and vegan and veg-friendly food. Anyone can register and post reviews, which is exactly what I did with my review of Zilli Green. I added Happy Cow to my Links on this Web site. Here’s how Happy Cow describes itself: HappyCow’s Compassionate… Read More

Two vegans, one vegetarian and one non-veg ate at Zilli Green in London’s Soho last night. They universally acclaimed the dinner as outstanding. The style of cuisine is “Italian vegetarian with a fusion mind from across the world.” For appetisers, T had the Peppers, Courgette Aubergine & Parmesan Terrine with a Watercress Pesto Dressing. It… Read More

What does John Thompson mean by “intellectual horticulture“? It seemed like intellectual horticulture. Seeds of knowledge planted in fertile minds were given an opportunity to germinate in a nourishing environment. Like plants that open their flowers to the wind, seeds from their work at the Fellowship will spread to and grow in other minds. Wherever… Read More

Last night I went to a celebration of the Gay Liberation Front at Charleston called “A Gay Outing.” GLF was founded in London in 1970 one year after the Stonewall Inn riots in Manhattan, New York City. Charleston was the Sussex home of Vanessa Bell whose sister was Virginia Woolf. Charleston was a family home… Read More

Last Friday evening at Canary Wharf I attended a large hustings meeting for the Labour leadership. All candidates were present and answered questions from the floor. There was very little disagreement between them. Just a few cases of personal sniping. I’m trending toward one of Miliband brothers. If I had to pick one it would… Read More

Earlier this week another maturing baby Herring gull took her first steps on grass near my home in Old Town Hastings. She’s taking her first flight away from the nearby roof where she was raised over the last two months or so. I haven’t seen her since. I have to resist the urge to interfere… Read More

We’re now down to two baby Herring Gulls having started out with three, then, plus two, making a group of five. Of the three no longer present I can see that one of them died and the baby gulls have been feasting on the carcass. I don’t know what happened to the other two. The… Read More

With so much published I want to read I confess to reading often the end first. Conclusions quickly let you know what the rest of the article says and how the author is saying it. Then I decide if I want to bother with the rest of it. Take, for example, the New Scientist and its article,… Read More

The Observer profiles artist Polly Morgan, who explains her justification for using taxidermy in her art. As she explains it: “a) I don’t want to get in trouble with the animal-rights nutters, and b) even though I eat meat and killing for meat is quite a natural thing to do, killing something and trying to… Read More

The BBC reports a “controversial cull of around 1,500 badgers in south-west Wales has been halted after protesters won their legal challenge to stop it. The Badger Trust appealed against Welsh Assembly Government plans for a trial cull to reduce TB within cattle.”… Read More

The New York Times editorial, “A Humane Egg,” is so outstanding that it deserves to be reproduced in full. The life of animals raised in confinement on industrial farms is slowly improving, thanks to pressure from consumers, animal rights advocates, farmers and legislators. In late June, a compromise was reached in Ohio that will gradually… Read More

Wonders why …is it so crucial that bovine TB is eradicated? You might well ask. The true answer is that, health-wise for humans, it is not important at all. It’s all about money. The farming laws of Europe dictate that if any herd has had an infected cow in it, the herd cannot be sold… Read More

Guardian columnist Felicity Lawrence got to the heart of the matter in her recent column when she concluded, “In their Big Society [ConDem coalition] – which casts everything as personal responsibility – social injustice, like obesity, is indeed a moral failure, but only on the part of those who suffer it.” So, this morning’s news… Read More

Apologies for not keeping everyone up to date with the progress of the baby Herring gulls I watch from my home office window, which requires me at times to squeeze myself into a small space and contort myself out of the window to take photos. First, the sad news. The five baby gulls I’ve been… Read More

Writing in The Chronicle of Higher Education Harold Fromm, visiting scholar in English at the University of Arizona, berates vegans and demonstrates shocking ignorance about what veganism means in theory and practice. Apparently, he’s author of The Nature of Being Human: From Environmentalism to Consciousness (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009) and co-editor, with Cheryll Glotfelty,… Read More

How a group of very luck beagles are transformed — thanks to a bankrupt vivisection laboratory and Pets Alive — from animal research models identified by a number to beloved animal companions with names. It gives one hope. More here. embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt… Read More

To say that it’s been a transformative week is to invite accusations of melodrama, which, of course, may be true. One’s melodrama is all in one’s mind. One person’s melodrama is someone else’s normal state of affairs. Anyway, for me, this is the week that I switched from years of PCs and Windows-based software to a… Read More