Earlier this year Michael Foster, who was the Labour MP for Hastings and Rye before his defeat by Conservative candidate Amber Rudd at the general election in May, presented a petition of 4,000 names to Parliament in support of the Hunting Act 2004. Michael recently forwarded to me the official response from the now Tory… Read More

Gates and Jobs, that is. After decades of working exclusively on PCs, laptops and Microsoft products I took the plunge and placed an order for a MacBook Pro. The decision’s rationale is based on seemingly unresolvable problems with Windows software, not wanting to “advance” to Windows 7, a Dell laptop that has worked well over the last five… Read More

The remaining country in the UK to allow hare coursing, Northern Ireland, voted in the assembly on June 22 to ban the bloodsport. The narrow vote — 23 – 18 — was after a seven-hour debate. It is reported that the ban will be in effect later this year.  Whereas this is a most welcome development… Read More

The Hastings Environs and Rye Bay Vegans/Veggies group met yesterday for our occasional monthly vegan get-togethers. The theme of yesterday’s meal was the 1970s. So, the menu consisted of sausages and onions on sticks and pineapple and tofu on sticks, avocado and Thousand Island dressing as well as mushroom stroganoff, potatoes with dill and salad.… Read More

Burger Queen by Will Self The other afternoon I was cycling up the Mall when the Queen emerged from the gates of Buckingham Palace, so plumply erect in her customised Daimler that she resembled nothing so much as a cerise pouffe propped up in an old-fashioned Silver Cross perambulator. There was only a smattering of… Read More

Suddenly you wake up one day to discover there are five — not three — baby Herring Gulls! I took this photograph early this morning. It’s possible that there were always five but we only saw a maximum of three at any one time. It’s also possible the two newcomers, who are slightly smaller, slid down… Read More

In a recent study of health care in seven countries (Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States) the Netherlands ranks first, followed closely by the UK and Australia. The US ranks last overall, as it had in earlier studies.… Read More

Cheap food isn’t as cheap as it would appear, as Felicity Lawrence writes in “Free choice isn’t healthy for the food industry’s menu” in The Guardian recently. Further, the real cost of cheap food in terms of human morbidity and mortality as well as the significant impact on animal welfare and the environment are not… Read More

As part of the preparation to writing my book, Animal Dharma, I have been researching Mary Ellen Wilson. She was the young girl in Manhattan in the late 1870s who was badly beaten and abused by a married couple who, under extraordinary circumstances, ended up ‘caring’ for her. The reason why Mary Ellen is so important… Read More

In what must qualify as “Stupid Comment of the Millenia” a senior Iranian cleric reportedly declares a fatwa against dogs. A senior Iranian cleric has decreed dogs are “unclean” and should not be kept as pets — a move aimed at discouraging Western-style dog ownership in the Islamic state, a newspaper reported on Saturday. Dogs… Read More

The transcript of my chat on the Animal Rights Zone is now available at their Web site. ARZone supports the “abolitionist approach to animal rights” and “believes non violent, creative vegan education is the only effective approach in ending the commodification of nonhuman animals.” You need to join ARZone to access the Web site, which is… Read More

I will be the guest on the Animal Rights Zone on Saturday, June 19. The Animal Rights Zone is dedicated to fighting for animal liberation and an end to speciesism. It is a Ning, which is an online platform where people create their own social networks. You must register to participate in the Animal Rights Zone. … Read More

Changes have been made to my Web site to bring more into focus the two books I’m currently working on. My first book, Animal Dharma, explores what it means to care deeply about animals and discovers how we can live peacefully with ourselves and others by proposing four key values: truth, compassion, non-violence and interbeing,… Read More

A visit to Swanage in Dorset is incomplete if you don’t ride the Swanage Railway. This charity runs various steam and diesel trains along track between Swanage and Corfe Castle. Yesterday, we rode the Bullied Light Pacific 34070 Manston to Corfe Castle and back.           We were also lucky to see… Read More

Escaped from the fast-life of Hastings Old Town to the, er, fast-life of Swanage via the ferry from Poole. I recall going on this very same ferry when I was about five-years-old. It hasn’t change at all, which is, somehow, quite reassuring. As the crossing makes its brief way in what must be about 10… Read More

While Britain’s neurotic national media obsessed over two children who were allegedly bitten and scratched by a fox in their bedroom one evening while their parents watched “Britain’s Got Talent” with their back door open, wildlife rescuer Trevor Weeks, who founded the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS), was bitten by an Adder… Read More