Fascinating article in The Guardianabout Sir Edwin Landseer’s “The Otter Speared, Portrait of the Earl of Aberdeen’s Otter hounds” painted in 1844. “A painting normally considered too upsetting for modern tastes – bloodthirsty hounds, triumphant hunter and speared otter,’ writes  Mark Brown, “is to go on display as the centrepiece of a new exhibition examining the artistic… Read More

The London Review of Books’s article, What We’re about to Receive by Jeremy Harding, is excellent. I strongly encourage anyone who cares about animal welfare, environmental protection and human well-being and their interrelationships to read it. Harding goes where we need to go. He makes the dreaded comparison between tobacco and the consumption of harmful foods… Read More

The past week and particularly the past few days have been a roller coaster of stuff. I’m now digging myself out and gearing up to get back to work tomorrow. At a national level I’m fearful of an alignment of any kind between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. They’re just not made for each other and… Read More

Protecting Animals in Democracy is endorsing Parliamentary candidates on animal welfare. Do you know which candidate in your constituency got the PAD endorsement? Find out here. Use the information to determine who you will vote for tomorrow. I know which one of my parliamentary candidate in Hastings and Rye got the PAD endorsement. The answer is Michael Foster (Labour). He has… Read More

Just got in from canvassing for Labour in Hastings Old Town and watching A Minority Pastime at our local independent cinema, The Electric Palace. Many thanks for the local Hunt Saboteurs for making it possible for the film to be shown for free. The documentary follows the journey taken by Nisa Ward as she makes it her… Read More

I want to put on record my admiration for Brian May’s campaign to keep hunting with dogs illegal. I’m happy to add my voice to the tens of thousands of others who have already backed his campaign. I also want to put on record my total commitment, that under a Labour government this ban on… Read More