The National Journal in the US is a weekly magazine aimed at political insiders. Recently, it published Animal Rights On The March by Paul Starobin with the subtitle, “How animal rightists are bringing new meaning to the pledge “with liberty and justice for all.” Washington, watch out.” Notwithstanding this dramatic overture, the article is a… Read More

A hospital is under fire for feeding a life-long vegetarian patient meat as she lay helpless in bed. Despite her family’s pleas, staff fed it to frail and confused Dorothy Leese, 87, for two weeks. And yesterday a probe into what went wrong was under way at Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading. Mrs Leese’s daughter,… Read More

I’m not someone who has to have their commitment to veganism legitimized because someone is or isn’t (or was or wasn’t) a vegetarian. Frankly, I don’t care about what anyone else does. (Well, I may have a strop if someone isn’t who I think should be.) I care about what I do today as I’m… Read More