In an earlier post, Political Parties for Animals, I wrote there are three reasons why I believe animal welfare political parties are mistaken and hinder the progress of the animal welfare/rights movement.

  • The Fringe Factor, which perpetuates the view animal welfare/rights is a fringe issue
  • The Trivial Political Factor, which characterizes animal welfare/rights as inconsequential or a joke and perpetuates the impression among those active in the mainstream political parties that the issue is unimportant
  • The Mainstream Political Factor, which perpetuates animal welfare/rights as a trivial issue in mainstream politics

In the May 6 general election candidates for the Animals Count and Animal Protection Party received respectively 149 (0.3% of total votes cast) and 181 votes (0.3% of total votes cast). Both came last.

These results, I believe, underscore my objections to political parties for animals.

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