During a period of the time when I lived and worked in Baltimore, MD I was a member of the American Association of Fundraising Professionals. For various reasons I decided against renewing my membership in the AFP. A vital and appropriate part of the process of fundraising is building relationships with those who generously support the causes you… Read More

At the risk of appearing to be a pretentious twat I declare Virginia Woolf and her A Writer’s Diary, edited by her husband Leonard Woolf, is an inspiration to me in keeping going with writing my first book. Who would know writing a book would be so difficult? Reading Mrs. Woolf and her diaries as well as her… Read More

20 Steps to a Conservative Dictatorship (It was The Sun Wot Did It!) Stitch up the opposition (LibDems) Make Parliament impossible to dissolve by requiring a 55% majority of MPs Institute fixed-term Parliaments Reduce the number of constituencies Redraw constituency boundaries to favour Tories Virtual control of the print media (Murdoch) Increasing influence in TV… Read More