Protecting Animals in Democracy is endorsing Parliamentary candidates on animal welfare. Do you know which candidate in your constituency got the PAD endorsement? Find out here. Use the information to determine who you will vote for tomorrow.

I know which one of my parliamentary candidate in Hastings and Rye got the PAD endorsement. The answer is Michael Foster (Labour). He has prominently spoken out in support of animal welfare, including the Hunting Act that banned bloodsports.

One comment on “PAD Endorsements

  • But in Headingley Leeds it is the lib dem who has 5 thumbs up and labour only has two
    so I’m voting for Greg Mulholland again. Also he took up a complaint I had about the RSPCA not taking in animals and he got Hilary Benn (if he were my candidtae I would revert to Labour I might add) to contact RSPCA chief who then wrote to me – so I am rather impressed.
    Labour will be back but for a few reasons, not least Iraq, New Labour Blair et al, deserve a bit of a slap.

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