I want to put on record my admiration for Brian May’s campaign to keep hunting with dogs illegal. I’m happy to add my voice to the tens of thousands of others who have already backed his campaign. I also want to put on record my total commitment, that under a Labour government this ban on cruelty will be maintained. Fox hunting should stay in the history books where it belongs.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown publicly backs Brian May’s Save Me Campaign!

Gordon Brown is the first party political leader to support the Back the Ban campaign, which, of course, he should given that he is the Prime Minister and leader of the Labour Party who fought for the bloodsports ban. Nonetheless, will David Cameron and Nick Clegg follow suit?

One comment on “Gordon Brown Endorses Brian May’s Save Me Campaign

  • ‘Gordon Brown is the first party political leader to support the Back the Ban campaign’

    FWIW Caroline Lucas of the Green Party has already given her support to May’s campaign…

    “In this general election, for the first time the Greens have a good chance of winning seats at Westminster, and any Green MPs would be strongly committed to maintaining the ban on hunting with dogs and extending it to other blood sports, including the use of snares. Green MPs would also oppose badger culling and would seek to call the government to account, ensuring that animal protection laws are properly enforced. Green MPs would also demand a crackdown on the illegal trade in wildlife products from abroad such as ivory. Most people believe that using dogs to tear foxes apart in the name of sport is inhumane and unworthy of us in the 21st century. I will have no hesitation in pressing the government to ensure the law against hunting is vigorously enforced.”
    Caroline Lucas, Brighton Pavilion, Green

    And in response, Brian May wrote this:

    “I’m so happy to receive an endorsement from Caroline Lucas for our SAVE-ME Campaign.

    “We in turn at SAVE-ME are honoured to endorse Caroline and the Green Party … we share a dedication to keep the fox-hunting ban in place, and work towards better treatment for all animals in the coming years.”


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