The National Journal in the US is a weekly magazine aimed at political insiders. Recently, it published Animal Rights On The March by Paul Starobin with the subtitle, “How animal rightists are bringing new meaning to the pledge “with liberty and justice for all.” Washington, watch out.” Notwithstanding this dramatic overture, the article is a… Read More

A hospital is under fire for feeding a life-long vegetarian patient meat as she lay helpless in bed. Despite her family’s pleas, staff fed it to frail and confused Dorothy Leese, 87, for two weeks. And yesterday a probe into what went wrong was under way at Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading. Mrs Leese’s daughter,… Read More

I’m not someone who has to have their commitment to veganism legitimized because someone is or isn’t (or was or wasn’t) a vegetarian. Frankly, I don’t care about what anyone else does. (Well, I may have a strop if someone isn’t who I think should be.) I care about what I do today as I’m… Read More

In an earlier post, Political Parties for Animals, I wrote there are three reasons why I believe animal welfare political parties are mistaken and hinder the progress of the animal welfare/rights movement. The Fringe Factor, which perpetuates the view animal welfare/rights is a fringe issue The Trivial Political Factor, which characterizes animal welfare/rights as inconsequential… Read More

I just received in the mail from the US a copy of Teaching the Animal: Human-Animal Studies across the Disciplinesedited by Margo DeMello and published by Lantern Books. Obviously, I’ve only had a chance to thumb through this volume but it looks immediately to be a very important addition to the literature.… Read More

The British coalition government of Conservatives and Liberal Democracts published last week its “Programme for Government.” I have extracted from the section, “Environment, food and rural affairs,” the following pledges related to animal welfare. The Government believes that we need to protect the environment for future generations, make our economy more environmentally sustainable, and improve our… Read More

More evidence of a plant-based diet in this scientific paper, “Climate benefits of changing diet,” by Stehfest E, Bouwman L, van Vuuren D P, den Elzen MGJ, Eickhout B, Kabat P., which is published in Climatic Change (Volume 95, Numbers 1-2 / July 2009). Here’s their summary abstract:  Climate change mitigation policies tend to focus on the energy sector,… Read More

Law Professor David Cassuto thoughtfully discusses PETA ‘s financial sponsorship of America’s ‘Octomom.’  Read here in full. Nadya Suleman, the (now) self-described `Octomom,´ has a sign on her lawn urging us to heed her example and “Don’t Let Your Dog or Cat Become an Octomom. Always Spay or Neuter.” Suleman, who had octuplets 16 months… Read More

Killing badgers so that people can drink cheap (read: tax subsidized) and unhealthy cow’s milk is unacceptable public policy. The true cost to raise and kill animals for food should be reflected in the price the consumer has to pay for it, including the impact of an animal-based diet on the National Health Service. Treat meat and dairy products like… Read More

The Daily Telegraph and other papers are reporting that Prime Minister David Cameron is committed to holding a free vote in the House of Commons the Hunting Act 2004.  After negotiations with the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives have secured a pledge to introduce a parliamentary vote on abandoning the ban. David Cameron has personally called… Read More

Caroline Lucas’s election as the Green Party Member of Parliament for Brighton Pavilion is a significant accomplishment and a beacon of hope in an otherwise dismal election. Listening to her on BBC Radio 4’s “Any Questions” reinforces my view of her as an articulate and capable politician.  She’s more than proved herself to be an… Read More

During a period of the time when I lived and worked in Baltimore, MD I was a member of the American Association of Fundraising Professionals. For various reasons I decided against renewing my membership in the AFP. A vital and appropriate part of the process of fundraising is building relationships with those who generously support the causes you… Read More

At the risk of appearing to be a pretentious twat I declare Virginia Woolf and her A Writer’s Diary, edited by her husband Leonard Woolf, is an inspiration to me in keeping going with writing my first book. Who would know writing a book would be so difficult? Reading Mrs. Woolf and her diaries as well as her… Read More

20 Steps to a Conservative Dictatorship (It was The Sun Wot Did It!) Stitch up the opposition (LibDems) Make Parliament impossible to dissolve by requiring a 55% majority of MPs Institute fixed-term Parliaments Reduce the number of constituencies Redraw constituency boundaries to favour Tories Virtual control of the print media (Murdoch) Increasing influence in TV… Read More

Not the most original of titles for a new blog but, nonetheless, relevant. There’s been too many distractions–good and bad–which have taken me away from writing my first book. So, from now on (until the next distraction), it’s head down, clackety clack on the keyboards, some muttering under my breath, scratching of various body parts… Read More

The agreements between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservative Party reached on May 11 which led to the new coalition government includes in the “Civil Liberties” section the following: The parties agree to implement a full programme of measures to reverse the substantial erosion of civil liberties under the Labour Government and roll back state… Read More