During general elections political parties adopt different strategies to how they respond to the many questionnaires candidates receive. For example, it appears that the Conservative Party is not responding to surveys about animal welfare. Uncaged, which is running the Vote 4 Animals campaign, confirm my suspicion that the standard text which Conservative candidates are distributing… Read More

Understanding Animal Research publishes on its Web site an outline to the political parties and their stance on animal experimentation. It concludes It is clear that within each of the main parties, animal research will continue to feature within their commitments to animal welfare, even if it is not currently in their manifesto. The research… Read More

The second in the series by The Guardian on the political parties and their science policies. The first was the LibDems. The Guardian asks: Is animal testing necessary? Are the ethical concerns outweighed by the benefits? How would you like to see regulations on animal testing change under your government, if at all? In an… Read More