Animals Count, the “UK political party for people and animals,” has published an extensive manifesto. Here in full is their key policies:

  • Eliminate the failed practice of animal experimentation
  • Redirect subsidies from livestock and fisheries farming to plant-based agriculture
  • Phase out farming practices with poor welfare consequences for animals
  • Establish an ‘NHS for animals’ to better protect the health of our animal companions
  • Act on the known link between animal abuse and domestic violence, with increased penalties for those convicted of animal cruelty
  • Extend the current ban on hunting with greater enforcement and stronger penalties for abuse
  • A ban on ‘puppy farms’ and a ban on the sale of animals in all retail stores
  • Promote healthy eating and healthy lifestyle initiatives in schools, GP practices and the workplace
  • Educate children about the importance about compassion and respect towards all living beings
  • A national bank to protect citizens’ savings from the destructiveness of the capital markets
  • Constitutional reform with proportional representation and a fully-elected upper chamber
  • Increase the minimum wage and make it available to everyone over 18 years of age
  • Tax breaks for organisations committed to genuinely environmentally-friendly practices
  • Increase Government support for research into and development of a ‘post-carbon’ economy

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