The critical difference between Human Animal Studies (aka Animal Studies) and Critical Animal Studies is in the word critical. What may appear to be a relatively unimportant difference is, in fact, key to understanding why there is a legitimate need for both HAS and CAS. It helps to let the protagonists of each define themselves.… Read More

Animals Count, the “UK political party for people and animals,” has published an extensive manifesto. Here in full is their key policies: Eliminate the failed practice of animal experimentation Redirect subsidies from livestock and fisheries farming to plant-based agriculture Phase out farming practices with poor welfare consequences for animals Establish an ‘NHS for animals’ to better protect… Read More

The Guardian published a powerful article, “Why do we put up with deaths in horseracing?” by Elisabeth Ribbans, on its Comment is Free Web site. The article references Animal Aid’s excellent campaign which is cataloguing death and injuries to race horses. Over the past three years Animal Aid has recorded more than 500 fatalities on… Read More