With what seems like a daily discovery of yet another British animal welfare group launching its own political campaign for the general election (WSPA and Advocates for Animals are the latest I find; are there more?), it would not be unreasonable to think that this is a good thing. Sadly, far from it. It’s a bad thing.… Read More

The Guardian begins a series on the political parties and their science policies. First up is the Liberal Democrats. The other parties are to follow and I will post them here as soon as they are available. Animal research is one of several issues addressed. Here is the LibDem’s response in full on animal research from their… Read More

Yesterday, I complained about Labour’s Green Manifesto for being too weak on animal welfare. Today, I grumble about the LibDem’s Environmental Manifesto because animals are absent from it. Please let me know if you find them lurking anywhere within.… Read More