The odious British National Party published their manifesto in the last few days. It contains one animal welfare commitment. Not surprisingly it is to “ban the burka, ritual slaughter and the building of further mosques in Britain.” Just to make sure we understand their racist policies they repeat later their pledge to “outlaw non-stunned ritual… Read More

The Labour Party published its Green Manifesto over the weekend. Among the 21 pages is a tiny section devoted to animal welfare. The entire text of Section 9, “We will improve animal welfare,” reads as follows: Labour has a proud record on animal welfare. Over the past thirteen years we have not only banned fox… Read More

A Minority Pastime is a film about bloodsports and their enthusiasts. With just a few days before the UK decides which political party will form the next government, this film is an unwelcome reminder that the Conservative Party is pledge to a free vote to repeal the Hunting Act 2004. The film is one woman’s journey to… Read More

News and commentary on the British general election and various related and unrelated animal welfare/rights issues resumes today. This will include some thoughts on the 1st Annual European Conference For Critical Animal Studies “Animal(s) Matter(s): The Future of Critical Animal Studies” at the University of Liverpool, which I attended and is one reason for my… Read More