During general elections political parties adopt different strategies to how they respond to the many questionnaires candidates receive. For example, it appears that the Conservative Party is not responding to surveys about animal welfare. Uncaged, which is running the Vote 4 Animals campaign, confirm my suspicion that the standard text which Conservative candidates are distributing… Read More

Understanding Animal Research publishes on its Web site an outline to the political parties and their stance on animal experimentation. It concludes It is clear that within each of the main parties, animal research will continue to feature within their commitments to animal welfare, even if it is not currently in their manifesto. The research… Read More

The second in the series by The Guardian on the political parties and their science policies. The first was the LibDems. The Guardian asks: Is animal testing necessary? Are the ethical concerns outweighed by the benefits? How would you like to see regulations on animal testing change under your government, if at all? In an… Read More

The critical difference between Human Animal Studies (aka Animal Studies) and Critical Animal Studies is in the word critical. What may appear to be a relatively unimportant difference is, in fact, key to understanding why there is a legitimate need for both HAS and CAS. It helps to let the protagonists of each define themselves.… Read More

Animals Count, the “UK political party for people and animals,” has published an extensive manifesto. Here in full is their key policies: Eliminate the failed practice of animal experimentation Redirect subsidies from livestock and fisheries farming to plant-based agriculture Phase out farming practices with poor welfare consequences for animals Establish an ‘NHS for animals’ to better protect… Read More

The Guardian published a powerful article, “Why do we put up with deaths in horseracing?” by Elisabeth Ribbans, on its Comment is Free Web site. The article references Animal Aid’s excellent campaign which is cataloguing death and injuries to race horses. Over the past three years Animal Aid has recorded more than 500 fatalities on… Read More

With what seems like a daily discovery of yet another British animal welfare group launching its own political campaign for the general election (WSPA and Advocates for Animals are the latest I find; are there more?), it would not be unreasonable to think that this is a good thing. Sadly, far from it. It’s a bad thing.… Read More

The Guardian begins a series on the political parties and their science policies. First up is the Liberal Democrats. The other parties are to follow and I will post them here as soon as they are available. Animal research is one of several issues addressed. Here is the LibDem’s response in full on animal research from their… Read More

Yesterday, I complained about Labour’s Green Manifesto for being too weak on animal welfare. Today, I grumble about the LibDem’s Environmental Manifesto because animals are absent from it. Please let me know if you find them lurking anywhere within.… Read More

The odious British National Party published their manifesto in the last few days. It contains one animal welfare commitment. Not surprisingly it is to “ban the burka, ritual slaughter and the building of further mosques in Britain.” Just to make sure we understand their racist policies they repeat later their pledge to “outlaw non-stunned ritual… Read More

The Labour Party published its Green Manifesto over the weekend. Among the 21 pages is a tiny section devoted to animal welfare. The entire text of Section 9, “We will improve animal welfare,” reads as follows: Labour has a proud record on animal welfare. Over the past thirteen years we have not only banned fox… Read More

A Minority Pastime is a film about bloodsports and their enthusiasts. With just a few days before the UK decides which political party will form the next government, this film is an unwelcome reminder that the Conservative Party is pledge to a free vote to repeal the Hunting Act 2004. The film is one woman’s journey to… Read More

News and commentary on the British general election and various related and unrelated animal welfare/rights issues resumes today. This will include some thoughts on the 1st Annual European Conference For Critical Animal Studies “Animal(s) Matter(s): The Future of Critical Animal Studies” at the University of Liverpool, which I attended and is one reason for my… Read More

Compassion In World Farming is to be congratulated on publishing on its Web site a guide to what the main political parties say about farm animal welfare. I haven’t seen any other UK animal welfare group do this but I hope that they will. If they have, I apologise and ask you contact me so… Read More

Co-founder, guitarist and songwriter of the legendary rock group Queen, Brain May recently launched the Save Me campaign. He says Use your vote to ensure that the present laws protecting animals from cruelty are kept in place, more carefully monitored, legally tightened up, and fully enforced. The objective is to “support any candidate, of any… Read More

The Vegan Society of the UK publishes a Vegan Manifesto, which includes “improvements to product labelling, commercial and public catering, local government procurement, health services, medical research, agriculture, international development, education, information gathering and entertainment.” More here.… Read More

Cameron promises vote on hunting, says the Politics.co.uk Web site. My personal view is that the ban doesn’t work. We just have police officers wasting their time chasing people round the countryside when they should be dealing with real crime on our streets. I think we should respect what people in the countryside believe. I… Read More

Mariann and Jasmin very kindly profile me and my efforts for animal welfare in the general election at their excellent Web site, Our Hen House. They’re US-based and familiar with my work in America with the Animals and Society Institute (see Links “ASI”) and The Animals’ Platform program. Read what they have to say here.… Read More

Search this Web site for the word “badger” and it reveals a series of postings which detail the scientific futility of killing badgers to help reduce the incidence of bovine tuberculosis (bTB) in cattle and Labour’s opposition and the Conservative’s support for a policy to kill badgers. The Farmers Guardian reports that it is the… Read More