The only act of force I know I condone without hesitation is self-defense. So, if I were under attack I will defend myself. Similarly, if someone else near me were under attack I will defend them too. With the golden rule in mind, there is a moral obligation to defend others from attack as I hope it would be reciprocated if I were regrettably in the same situation. Self-defense and aiding the defense of others under threat is not a violent act. It is neither to make violence nor to cause it. It is self-defense. To stop the causes of violence is first to understand how and why expressions of force manifest themselves in wars, laws and wherever and however they may occur. In short, we act violently because we believe we can without impunity. The state authorizes its citizens to act violently malignly in wars and covertly when it fails to recognize morally and legally a group it oppresses.

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