Interesting article in Saturday’s Guardian “Weekend” colour magazine. It consisted of a photo essay extracted from a book, Pig 05049, by Christien Meindertsma, and an essay by author Bill Buford. Interesting for two reasons. First, the photo essay documents 185 (well, some) products made from a slaughtered pig, including apple juice (gelatine), jigsaw puzzle (bone… Read More

BBC Radio 4’s “Start the Week” is an excellent program which includes tomorrow morning friend and colleague Jonathan Balcombe discussing his new book, Second Nature, which I highly recommend. You can be anywhere in the world to listen to BBC Radio 4 by going to the BBC Iplayer Web site; however, if you’re in London tomorrow… Read More

Not satisfied with plain old, vanilla vegans, we have freegans, who dumpster dive for their non-animal lifestyle. Not something I’d do but each to their own. Then there was the vegansexuals who, I believe, would not participate in mixed relationships (that is, vegan and non-vegan). And now we have hegans. Three years later, sipping a… Read More

I don’t believe in God. But I’m willing to believe in Ann Widdecombe, the Conservative MP for Maidstone and the Weald, when she writes If David Cameron has his way the Hunting Act will be repealed in its totality, meaning that not only foxhunting but also stag hunting and hare coursing will once more be… Read More

If you live in the Hastings and Rye constituency and collected signatures on the petition in support of the Hunting Act that banned bloodsports, please mail all petition sheets to this address so that they arrive by Monday, March 29: Kim Stallwood 84 Bohemia Road St. Leonards on Sea East Sussex TN37 6RN Many thanks!… Read More

Attorney Bruce Wagman writing at Animal Blawg relates a fascinating story of happy redemption for one dog and vitriol for her legal representative. To say we were over the top of the moon with joy and relief, as were our human clients, is an understatement. And when I decided to tell some folks about our… Read More

For an example of brilliant writing try Will Self’s “Diary” published in the London Review of Books and available in full for free to read on their Web site. The article is ostensibly a tribute to BBC Radio 4’s program, In Our Time, which is chaired by Melvin Bragg who Self describes as a “handsome… Read More

Motala with the adjusted prosethesis. The Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital, which is written about at the Eyes of Thailand film makers blog, fits a new prosthetic to Baby Mosha. Please not only check out this blog but also the Web site for the Eyes of Thailand film.… Read More

This is the first in an occasional series of articles inspired by books in my Animal Rights Collection. The archive includes more than 75 books about animals in agriculture. The oldest was published in 1912 and is a pamphlet, “The Slaughter of Animals for Food,” by John Galsworthy, who is more commonly known for his… Read More

The Guardian publishes a scare-mongering story yesterday, Animal rights activist using FOI laws to target universities, which I suspect was planted by the animal industrial complex. The subtext is that people who have been arrested should not be allowed to use the Freedom of Information Act (FOI). The requests were sent by Luke Steele, an… Read More

One of the great things about the Web is the access it gives to things that wouldn’t be otherwise available. For example, I’ve discovered TED, a nonprofit organization that hosts conferences of various kinds. The important point is that you can watch the speakers at TED conferences for free! Recently, I’ve watched some really quite… Read More