The increased promotion of vegetarianism is becoming a major concern for British farmers. West Wales sheep farmer, and livestock adviser to the National Farmers Union, John Mercer, says farming industries are now dedicating a lot more time to counter the message that it’s bad to eat animals. “Not a day goes by when we don’t have some press article or somebody talking about meat-free Mondays, or Paul McCartney and that sort of side of things, or the dangers of red meat consumption and save the planet and all these sorts of issues,” he says. “So that’s a real concern for us and something we seem to be spending more and more time on.”

Meat Trades Daily

Well, they should be bothered, shouldn’t they? I’d be bothered too if I were them.

One comment on “Vegetarians a Bother to British Farmers, Apparently

  • Hopefully they’ll eventually become more worried about an actual trend towards ethical and environmental vegetarianism rather than the “promotion” which is intended to change public attitudes at present.

    Everyone else seems to adapt to employment in various sectors of the economy. I fail to see why outdated agricultural practices should be preserved forever and at any cost to animal rights, human values and the one decent planet within our tragic reach!

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