20 Steps to a Conservative Dictatorship

20 Steps to a Conservative Dictatorship (It was The Sun Wot Did It!)

  1. Stitch up the opposition (LibDems)
  2. Make Parliament impossible to dissolve by requiring a 55% majority of MPs
  3. Institute fixed-term Parliaments
  4. Reduce the number of constituencies
  5. Redraw constituency boundaries to favour Tories
  6. Virtual control of the print media (Murdoch)
  7. Increasing influence in TV (Murdoch, again)
  8. Undermine the BBC (Murdoch, yet again)
  9. Non-dom funding of Tory Party machine to ensure re-election (Ashcroft)
  10. Non-dom funded Foreign Policy via Hague (Ashcroft, again)
  11. Keep the people stupid and powerless with the big society propaganda
  12. Impose draconian measures to quell civil unrest
  13. Floating prisons to house the poor and disenfranchised
  14. Scottish succession thwarted by military invasion
  15. Economically successful parts of the BBC privatised thereby leaving what’s left increasingly underfunded, including the news division
  16. Military rule in inner cities
  17. Parliament adopts emergency measures (read: autocratic)
  18. National funds restricted to local authorities who provide services on fee-paid basis only
  19. Parliament suspended
  20. Dictatorship declared